18th February 2018
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Company Data
Crown Paints Kenya Ltd
Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:           82.00
Total Shares Issued:          71181000.00
Market Capitalization:        5,836,842,000
EPS:             1.85
PE:                 44.324

Crown Paints FY 2016 results through 31st December 2016 vs. 31st December 2015

FY Revenue 7.347557b vs. 6.737108b +9.061%
FY Profit before tax 272.043m vs. 216.697m +25.541%
FY Profit for the year 131.796m vs. 30.748m +328.633%
Basic and diluted EPS 1.85 vs. 0.43 +330.233%
Total Assets 5.052091b vs. 4.539148b +11.300%
Equity 1.562116b vs. 1.352782b +15.474%
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 88.062m vs. [52.373m] +268.147%
Dividends per share 0.60 vs. 0.60
Number of shares outstanding : 71,181,000

Company Commentary

an +18% FY Turnover Gain


Maybe Sadolin Paints was the wrong Target.

Crown Paints reports H1 16 Earnings

Total assets 3.611794b
Equity 1.405873b
H1 Revenue 3.505786b vs. 3.309647b +5.926%
H1 Profit before tax 100.854m vs. 90.610m +11.306%
H1 Tax expense [60.980m] vs. [65.461m] -6.845%
H1 Profit for the period 39.874b vs. 25.149m +58.551%
EPS 0.56 vs. 0.35 +60.000%
Cash and Cash equivalents at the end of the period [165.724m]
No interim dividend


Stronger Earnings but still trading on a Demanding PE Multiple

FY Revenue 6.737108b vs. 6.039061b +11.559%
FY Other income 233.954m vs. 144.397m +63.021%
FY Profit before tax 216.697m vs. 151.481m +43.052%
FY Profit for the year 30.748m vs. 19.715m +55.962%
FY Other comprehensive income 3.494m vs. 3.257m +7.277%
FY Total comprehensive income 34.242m vs. 22.972m +49.060%
Basic and diluted EPS 0.65 vs. 0.83 -21.687%
Total assets 4.539148b vs. 3.852814b +17.814%
Cash & cash equivalents at the end of the year 52.372m vs. 172.132m -69.575%
Dividend 0.60 vs. 1.75 -65.714%

Total Number of Shares 71,181,000


FY Headline revenue Growth of +11.559% is a better than fair outcome.

Crown Paints Kenya Limited H1 2015 Earnings through 30th June 2015 vs. 30th June 2014
H1 Revenue 3.309647b vs. 2.872947b +15.2%
H1 Profit Before Taxation 90.610m vs. 156.207m -42.0%
H1 Profit After Tax 25.149m vs. 109.345m -77.1%
H1 Earnings Per Share 1.06 vs. 4.61 -77.0%

Business Commentary

Group Revenue has increased by 15% compared to the same period in 2014.
Profit before tax declines by 42% as a result of regional expansion impact
decline in shilling value foreign exchange Losses have also affected our performance
The Board has a positive Outlook for 2nd Half


Currency impact and regional expansion crimped earnings.

FY Revenue 6.039061b versus 5.158992b +17%
FY Other Income 144.397m versus 83.738m.
Full Year Profit before Tax 151.481m versus 333.442m -55%
Full Year Profit after Tax 19.715m versus 218.843m
Full Year EPS 0.83 versus 9.01
Final Dividend 1.75 a share
Bonus Issue of 2 shares for every one held

Company commentary

The Group Liquidity declined leaving its cash flow generated from operations at a negative 9m compared to +111m previous year.


very poor results apparently impacted by Tanzania.

First Half Earnings through 30th june 2014 versus through 30th June 2013
First Half Revenue 2.872947b versus 2.470501b +16.29%
First Half Profit Before Tax 156.207m versus 120.626m +29.49%
First Half Profit after Tax 109.345m versus 84.715m +29.073%
First Half Earnings Per Share 4.61 versus 3.57 +29.131%
Cash and Cash Equivalents at end of Period 48.585m versus 68.198m

Company Commentary

The Board has a positive outlook for second half of the year given the current state of the construction industry


Strong and solid numbers with an attractive low base effect.
A Paint manufacturing outfit.

Full year Earnings through 31st December 2013
Full Year Revenue 5.158992b versus 4.432877b +16.38%
Full Year Other Income 83.738m versus 51.704m +61.956%
Full Year Profit before Tax 333.442m versus 224.170m +49.191%
Full Year Profit After Tax 213.843m versus 133.543m +60.13%
Full Year Earnings Per Share 9.01 versus 5.63 +60.03%
FY Dividend 1.75 a share


Compelling results. The share price has rallied +20% in anticipation and its probably fairly priced on a PE of 10.00.

H1 2013 Earnings through June 2013 versus June 2012
H1 2013 Revenue 2.470501b versus 2.109057b +17.1377%
H1 PBT 121.876m versus 109.633m +11.167%
H1 PAT 85.965m versus 76.453m +12.441%
H1 EPS 3.57 versus 3.22 [FY 2012 5.63] +10.869%
No Dividend

Company Commentary
The Board has a positive Outlook in the 2nd half of the year


More than respectable and a low base Effect.

H1 2012 versus H1 2011 Swot Analysis
Group Turnover 2.109057b versus 1.810699b +16.5%
H1 Profit Before Tax 109.633m versus 75.076m +46.029%
H1 Profit After Tax 76.453m versus 45.862m +66.7022%
Earnings Per Share 3.22 versus 1.93 [versus 5.44 FY 2011] +66.839%
Company Commentary
Citing Success of Teflon Surface Protector


Good Results Notwithstanding the 77.035% rally in 2012 It remains a Cheap Share on a Forward PE Basis.

FY 2011 Earnings versus FY 2010 Swot Analysis
Turnover 3.853569b versus 3.068468b +25.59%
Profit Before Tax FY PBT 200.539m versus 169.48m +18.326%
Profit After Tax FY PAT 129.002m versus 91.417m +41.13%
Earnings per Share 5.44 versus 3.85 +41.29%
Final Dividend 1.25 a share


Strong FY Results.

1st Half to June 2011 versus 1st Half to June 2010 Swot Analysis
Group Turnover 1.810699b versus 1.429965b
EPS 1.93 versus 2.03

Company Commentary

Outlook for 2nd Half is a Point of Concern

Swot Analysis

2009 versus 2008
Turnover 2.54b +6.00%
EPS 3.64 versus 1.20 +221%
Dividend 1.25 per share


A very High Beta Turnaround.
Average Price Over the last 5 Weeks
Average Price Over the last 5 Months
No. Of Shares Traded Over the last 5 Weeks
No. Of Shares Traded Over the last 5 Months
Market Capitalization Over the last 5 Weeks
Market Capitalization Over the last 5 Months
Data Source: Nairobi Stock Exchange
Trading Day: 16 Feb 2018
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