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Company Data
Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd.
Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:           2.02
Total Shares Issued:          40000000.00
Market Capitalization:        80,800,000
EPS:             0.11
PE:                 18.364

Kenyan manufacturer of PVC Tiles.

Olympia Capital Holdings FY 2019 results through 28th February 2019 vs. 28th February 2018

FY Revenue 512.746m vs. 458.724m +11.777%
FY Cost of sales [341.832m] vs. [319.493m] +6.992%
FY Gross profit 170.914m vs. 139.231m +22.756%
FY Other operating income 64.718m vs. 66.087m -2.072%
FY Operating expenses [198.671m] vs. [179.279m] +10.817%
FY Operating [Loss]/ profit 36.961m vs. 26.039m +41.945%
FY Finance costs [22.071m] vs. [19.497m] +13.202%
FY [Loss]/ profit before taxation 14.890m vs. 6.542m +127.606%
FY [Loss]/ profit for the year 5.743m vs. [3.488m] +264.650%
FY Profit attributable to owners of the parent company 4.289m vs. 1.085m +295.300
FY Basic EPS 0.11 vs. 0.03 +266.667%
FY Total assets 1.626600b vs. 1.658883b -1.946%
FY Total equity 1.283588b vs. 1.301021b -1.340%
FY Cash and cash equivalents as at 28th February 61.692m vs. 78.833m -21.743%

The above summary financial statements of the Company and its subsidiaries (the Group) which comprise the consolidated statement of financial position as at 28th February 2019 and the consolidated statements of comprehensive income, changes in equity and cash flows for the year then ended are extracts from the audited financial statements of the Group for the year ended 28th February 2019 which have been audited by Parker Randall Eastern Africa and received an unqualified opinion.
The financial statements and the press release there in have been signed on behalf of the Board of Directors

Olympia Capital Holdings H1 2017 results through 31st August 2017 vs. 31st August 2016
H1 Revenue 228.107m vs. 247.545m -7.852%
H1 Profit from operations 14.879m vs. 22.702m -34.460%
H1 Finance costs [2.760m] vs. [5.850m] -52.821%
H1 Operating profit 12.118m vs. 16.852m -28.092%
H1 Profit [Loss] for the year from continuing operations 8.717m vs. 12.843m -32.126%
H1 Profit [Loss] attributable to shareholders 5.502m vs. 8.106m -32.124%
Basic and diluted EPS 0.138 vs. 0.203 -32.020%
Total assets 1.393687b vs. 1.287668b +8.233%
Total equity 1.128976b vs. 1.062729b +6.234%
No interim dividend

FY Revenue 537.774m vs. 528.263m +1.800%
FY Cost of sales [335.354m] vs. [328.481m] +2.092%
FY Gross profit 202.420m vs. 199.782m +1.320%
FY Other operating income 45.403m vs. 29.753m +52.600%
FY Operating expenses [170.423m] vs. [186.430m] -8.586%
FY Operating [Loss] profit 77.400m vs. 43.105m +79.562%
FY [Loss] profit before taxation 50.136m vs. 27.281m +83.776%
FY [Loss] profit for the year 38.927m vs. 14.834m +162.417%
Basic EPS 0.65 vs. 0.26 +150.000%
Total Assets 1.613368b vs. 1.606659b +0.418%
Total Equity 1.265740b vs. 1.226403b +3.208%
Cash and cash equivalents 64.477m vs. 78.482m -17.845%


Its an esoteric stock.

H1 Revenue 247.545m vs. 344.228m -28.087%
H1 Profit from operations 22.702m vs. 35.636m -36.295%
H1 Finance costs [5.850m] vs. [6.845m] -14.536%
H1 Operating profit 16.852m vs. 28.791m -41.468%
H1 Profit loss for the year from continuing operations 12.843m vs. 21.584m -40.498%
H1 Profit loss attributable to shareholders 8.106m vs. 13.624m -40.502%
EPS 0.203 vs. 0.341 -40.469%
Total Assets 1.287668b vs. 1.470477b -12.432%
Total equity 777.067m vs. 866.583m -10.330%
No dividend


Market Cap is $1,300.000.00

FY Revenue 528.263m vs. 518.528m +1.877%
FY Cost of sales [328.481m] vs. [329.896m] -0.429%
FY Gross profit 199.782m vs. 188.632m +5.911%
FY Operating expenses [186.430m] vs. [180.208m] +3.453%
FY Operating profit [Loss] 43.105m vs. 25.023m +72.262%
FY Finance costs [15.824m] vs. [23.565m] -32.850%
FY Profit [loss] before tax 27.281m vs. 1.458m +1,771.125%
[Loss] profit for the year 14.834m vs. [29.551m] +150.198%
EPS 0.26 vs. [1.04] +125.000%
Equity 1.147266b vs. 1.168557m -1.822%
Cash & cash equivalents 78.482m vs. 89.099m -11.916%

H1 through 31st August 2015 vs. 31st August 2014
H1 Revenue 344.228m vs. 330.314m 4.21%
H1 Profit from operations 35.636m vs. 38.188m -6.68%
H1 Finance costs [6.845m] vs. [22.745m] -69.91%
H1 Operating profit 28.791m vs. 15.443m +86.43%
H1 Tax expense [7.208m] vs. [5.010m] +43.87%
H1 Profit[Loss] from continuing operations 21.584m vs. 10.432m +106.90%
H1 Profit[Loss] attributable to shareholders 13.624m vs. 6.585m +106.89%
EPS 0.341 vs. 0.165 +106.67%
Total Assets 1.391419b vs. 1.515123b -8.16%
No interim dividend

1st Half Earnings through 31st August 2014 versus through 31st August 2013
First Half Revenue 330.314m versus 355.780m -7.00%
First Half Profit from Operations 38.188m versus 19.251m +98.4%
First Half Finance Costs [22.745m] versus [10.153m]
First Half Profit before Tax 15.443m versus 9.098m +69.74%
First Half Profit After Tax [after deduction for non controlling interest] 6.585m versus 4.522m
First Half Earnings Per Share 0.165 versus 0.113 +46.017%

Company Commentary
Cites cheap and low quality products imported into the country as catalyst for First Half Revenue decline
has embarked on a 500m Plan to redevelop its real estate based in Industrial Area

Full Year through 29th Feb 2012 versus FY Through Feb 2011
Revenue 774.286m versus 666.629m
Profit Before Tax 60.347m versus 31.881m
Headline Profit from continuing Operations 42.86m versus 35.139m
Loss From Continuing Operations 18.613m
Profit and Loss for The Year 24.247m versus 35.139m
Non Controlling Interest 8.942m versus 21.885m
Profit Attributable to Shareholders 15.305m versus 13.254m
Earnings Per Share 0.38 versus 0.33
Dividend 10 cents a share
Year on Year Cash and Cash Equivalents is 21.093m

Chief Executive Michael Matu said the company is eyeing South Sudans construction sector and is seeking approval from its shareholders to close deals of at most Sh30 million without seeking their nod.

Olympia said its net profit for the year ended February was at Sh42.8 million compared to Sh35.1 million a year earlier.
This saw it declare a dividend of Sh0.10 a share.

We are looking for opportunities in South Sudan in our mainstay building material and real estate business,said Mr Matu.

The entry into South Sudan will add on to the companys current geographical presence in Kenya, Botswana and South Africa.


Its a little esoteric in a Frontier Market.
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Trading Day: 17 Oct 2019
  26-JUN-2019 ::  Full Year Results
  Audited Financial Statements for the Year Ended 28th February 2019.

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