18th August 2017
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Company Data
Deacons (East Africa) PLC
Par Value:                  
Closing Price:           4.45
Total Shares Issued:          123558228.00
Market Capitalization:        549,834,115
EPS:             -2.24
PE:                 -1.987

FY Sales 2.309091b vs. 2.383297b -3.114%
FY Cost of sales [1.295175b] vs. [1.274514b] +1.621%
FY Gross profit 1.013916b vs. 1.108783b -8.556%
FY Other income 16.080m vs. 49.886m -67.767%
FY Total income 1.029996b vs. 1.277434b -19.370%
FY Administrative expenses [1.306460b] vs. [1.161412b] +12.489%
FY Net foreign exchange gains [42.167m] vs. 25.573m -264.889%
FY Total expenses [1.415053b] vs. [1.135839b] +24.582%
FY Operating [Loss] Profit before taxation [385.057m] vs. 141.595m -371.943%
FY [Loss] profit for the year [276.345m] vs. 113.750m -342.941%
Basic and diluted EPS [2.24] vs. 0.92 -343.478%
Total Assets 2.281680b vs. 2.486072b -8.221%
Shareholders Funds 1.172632b vs. 1.512294b -22.460%
Cash & cash equivalents as at 31st December [12.343m] vs. 136.724m -109.028%
No dividend

Company Commentary

in 2 of 2016, several factors negatively impacted the peak trading season tat resulted in suppressed sales and margins. existing Malls registered lower footfall and new retail property registered lower purchase conversion rates that led to cannibalisation.
Revenues declined by -3.1% over Y2015 across key brands as a result of product supply challenges from South Africa during 2 of the Year.


Soft FY Results, interesting commentary about Malls.

H1 Revenue 1.026090b vs. 949.053m +8.117%
H1 Net operating profit 491.343m vs. 363.439m +35.192%
H1 Expenses [466.396m] vs. [392.840m] +18.724%
H1 EBITDA 24.946m vs. [29.400m] +184.850%
H1 Finance costs [46.848m] vs. [26.097m] +79.515%
H1 Profit from continuing operations [70.168m] vs. [99.098m] -29.193%
H1 Share of profit from associate vs. 27.425m
H1 Profit before tax [70.168m] vs. [71.673m] -2.100%
H1 Profit [Loss] for the period [52.626m] vs. [53.755m] -2.100%
EPS [0.57] vs. [0.80] -28.750%
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period [49.399m]
No interim dividend

Company Commentary

Revenue growth +8.00% versus same period 2015 This was driven by Uganda Operations and new stores launched at the HUB and Garden City in Q2 2016
Net Operating Margin for first half of the year is 48% up from 38% last year same period
Expenses +19%
Exciting new developments at Two Rivers and Kigali Heights are significantly delayed
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No. Of Shares Traded Over the last 5 Months
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Market Capitalization Over the last 5 Months
Data Source: Nairobi Stock Exchange
Trading Day: 17 Aug 2017
  Proposed Sale of Ordinary Shares of Deacons East Africa Plc by Aureos East Africa Fund, LLC.

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