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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Monday 29th of November 2010

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My Weekly Piece for The Star The Hermit Kingdom

I thank Alishia for the Interview on CNBC Today covering ^NSE20 EABL
ScanGroup KPLC

Thanking You Alishia

#Mindspeak Saturday 4th December 0930
Bob Collymore CEO Safaricom
We are working on Live Streaming this to Your Phone so I am as excited
as a Little Boy-

It was a Wonderful #Mindspeak Session with Liza Wisner-Mucheru and
packed to the Rafters

Donald Trump

Many Years ago I spent a Night in a Club called Tramp with Mr. Trump
and My Friends Lin Menuhin and Cosima Von Bulow. I gave Liza a Letter
to give to Mr. Trump. I cannot tell you its contents but I will
definitely inform you when the Letter lands.

#Mindspeak has Tipped real Big and curiously Twitter was the Platform
and Tipping Agent

Search  #Mindspeak on Twitter.com

Karuoro karuoro Think we can safely say #Mindspeak tipping point is
long gone. Today you needed bouncers @ door. Was awesome.
Sadia Ahmed sady_sadz @alykhansatchu totally dig it ;) excellent
presentation by Liza. Touched and motivated. Thank you for creating
#MindSpeak Aly :)
Mpisha RT @ahmedsalims: I managed to get to @WestgateMallKe right on
time to meet #LIZA @alykhansatchu @jamesmurua @Mpisha
Mrfiugs @alykhansatchu thank you very much for organizing such a "mind
blowing" event. Cheers
C_Leo_patra #mindspeak was awesome as usual. These small inspirations
go a long way in encouraging us on in our various hustles! cc:
swalz07 RT @CindyJambz: RT @alykhansatchu: #Mindspeak Dont just wave
at The Train get on it Liza Mucheru-Wisner #Apprentice #Trump
AllanNjugi what a superbe, inspirational way to start a weekend!
#lizaweisner truly rockd! #mindspeak @alykhansatchu thnx!
WestgateMallKe RT @alykhansatchu: #Mindspeak The #Apprentice I think
#Kenya can take it to the next level Liza Mucheru-Wisner
elvisbando #Mindspeak is great, have been watching live streaming from
twitter...@alykhansatchu, great job there
mmnjug @ahmedsalims Lets use this fora to absorb as much as possible
from that #MindSpeak.Next one will be smooking, @bobcollymore
MMuendo RT @shiroesta: The Trump Lessons as presented by Lisa
Mucheru-Wisner #apprentice @alykhansatchu #mindspeak in #...
Jobie Mtukampuni mtukampuniRT @alykhansatchu: #Mindspeak The Trump
Lessons WORK HARD Get Lucky Liza Mucheru-Wisner www.rich.co.ke
David Njuki njukey Thank you all for the #Mindspeak updates, I could
not make it. @alykhansatchu at this rate you'll need a bigger venue.
Githuz if there was an award fr use of social media in this region,
that goes to @alykhansatchu of #mindspeak and not the big corporates
muchiritony @alykhansatchu whoa! at this rate i see you hosting the
next #mindspeak at #KICC plenary hall

Previous 2010 #Mindspeak Sessions and Presentations are here

Wolfgang Fengler Chief Economist Kenya The World Bank

Mahmud Janmohamed MD Serena Hotels

Sicily Kariuki MD Tea Board Kenya Powerpoint

Martin O-O CEO KCB

Video Presentations are here RICH TV

More to Follow tomorrow

Macro Thoughts

The Dollar Rally looks mature now.

Home Thoughts

We went to My Mother's Brother's 71st Birthday Party over the Week
End. Aysha and Hannah remain a little poorly.

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Vast Leak Discloses Diplomatic Secrets WSJ
Law & Politics

The publication of a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic cables
Sunday exposed years of U.S. foreign-policy maneuvering that could
prove embarrassing to the U.S. and its allies, especially in the
Islamic world.

Regarding Iran, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah was portrayed in an April
2008 memo as having told the U.S. "to cut off the head of the snake."

Though commonly called cables in the diplomatic world, they were
encrypted emails sent by special devices.

U.S. diplomats were portrayed as referring to allegedly corrupt
business practices of Ahmad Wali Karzai, a half-brother of Afghan
President Hamid Karzai. Saudi King Abdullah was described as saying he
viewed Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as a proxy for Iran.

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh allowed American forces to
conduct counter-terror operations against al Qaeda militants inside
his country. During a January meeting with visiting U.S. Gen. David
Petraeus, the Yemeni leader made clear he wanted to disguise
Washington's role, according to a cable from the American ambassador
in Sana'a.

"We'll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours," Mr. Saleh said,
according to the cable, prompting Yemen's deputy prime minister to
"joke that he had just 'lied' by telling Parliament" that Yemeni
forces had carried out the strikes.

The cables also showed U.S. officials exploring ways to remove highly
enriched uranium from a Pakistani nuclear site in a way that wouldn't
spur a political backlash against Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari.

American diplomats were asked to collect biometric information on key
U.N. officials, from under secretaries to the heads of specialized
agencies and peacekeeping operations. It also asked for intelligence
on Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's management and decision-making

The secret document, titled "Reporting and Collection Needs: the
United Nations," asked for both basic "biographical information" and
detailed work schedules, credit-card numbers and frequent-flier
accounts. Such information could be used to track the movements and
activities of U.N. officials.

Saudi King Abdullah told U.S. officials that Pakistan's President
Zardari was incapable of reforming his country. "When the head is
rotten it affects the whole body," the Saudi monarch said, according
to a cable.

Another cable has an Israeli official, Amos Gilad, speculating in 2009
about the life span of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, 82, and
questioning whether his son, Gamal, was "ready to assume command."


The Information Stream will not be dammed and We have entered a New
Normal in that regard.

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Europe Sets Bailout Rules WSJ
World Of Finance

Europe sealed a €67.5 billion bailout of Ireland Sunday and for the
first time crafted a blueprint for rescues from 2013 on that could
have private-sector creditors bearing some of the cost. The Irish
bailout, equivalent to about $90 billion, is intended as a signal that
the euro zone will come to the aid of its own. But the plan to share
pain with banks and other private-sector lenders is a message that the
munificence won't continue forever.

Ireland is the second euro-zone country, after Greece, to call for
help paying its bills. Bond markets have all but cut Dublin off by
demanding soaring interest rates. They have also become more wary of
lending to Portugal and Spain, stoking fears of toppling dominoes
along the euro-zone's weak perimeter. European finance ministers raced
to reach an agreement before unsettled markets opened Monday.

The $90 billion deal for Ireland and the plan for future rescues
"should decisively address the current nervousness in the financial
markets," said Olli Rehn, the EU's economy commissioner.

Under the compromise reached Sunday, the EU agreed to enact a new big
bailout fund of undetermined size. It will replace, in 2013, the €440
billion fund created in May and now being used to help Ireland. Under
the new fund's terms, creditors of countries that are deemed insolvent
could be forced into a restructuring before the fund doles out any


The Bond Markets wants the PIIGS to provide an Explicit Guarantee.

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.3261 Traded 1.3208 This AM
Pound 1.5625
Yen 83.98
Aussie 0.9668
Rand 7.1037
India Rupee 45.76
South Korean Won 1149.95

The dollar index , a measure of the U.S. unit against a basket of
major rivals, traded at 80.50 on Monday, up from 80.378 on Friday.


I think the Dollar Move is now mature.

“Market focus is likely to turn to Portugal’s debt auction on
Wednesday. If Portugal’s debt auction is judged a failure, the euro is
likely to be sold off”

Euro versus Dollar INO 5 Day Chart 1.3281 Last

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Investing in Fear Is Big Business WSJ

The popularity of the VIX index, which has become a widely watched
barometer of investor fear since the financial crisis, is generating a
host of spinoffs, copycats and derivatives. It is adding up to big
business for VIX's owner, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, as well
as partners and competitors that have developed products pegged to, or
inspired by, the VIX.

VIX clones have sprung up in Australia, Canada and India. There are
now VIX-like measures in the crude-oil and gold markets. Soon, there
will be a VIX each for corn and soybeans. The popularity of the index
has fueled growth in futures and options just to bet on the VIX

Formally known as the CBOE Market Volatility Index, the VIX tracks the
prices investors pay for options to protect themselves against swings
in the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index. An increase in those prices
suggests an increase in investor anxiety. It is also used as a
short-term predictor of investor behavior.

The ^VIX Pit in Chicago.


A Key Indicator.

The Star Greed and Fear is what Drives Markets

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Live 24 Hour Spot Gold KITCO 1365 Last

Remains in a Bullish Channel and headed through Record Highs.

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Live Crude Oil chart 84.80 Last
Minerals, Oil & Energy

For the week, crude futures gained $1.78 per barrel, or 2.71%, to $83.76.

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Soft Commodities at a Glance INO

Cocoa CC.Z10.E    Dec 2010 (E)    2756    -9    -0.33%
Coffee KC.Z10.E    Dec 2010 (E)    202.15    -5.00    -2.47%   
Cotton CT.Z10.E    Dec 2010 (E)    116.06    -3.33    -2.83%   
Sugar SB.H11.E    Mar 2011 (E)    28.25    +0.30+1.06%  

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Sanyu’s “Potted Chrysanthemum in a Blue and White Jardiniere” Bloomberg

Around packed rows of white seats, ushers gave up trying to keep
aisles clear of standing observers that spilled six deep outside the
entrances, while 48 Christie’s staff aided telephone bidders. Two of
those phone bidders outlasted the sea of dark suits and black dresses
in the room to lift Sanyu’s “Potted Chrysanthemum in a Blue and White
Jardiniere” to an artist record HK$53.3 million.

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Wal-Mart Offers 16.5 Billion Rand for 51% of Massmart Bloomberg
Retail & Manufacturing

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, offered to buy 51
percent of Massmart Holdings Ltd. for 16.5 billion rand ($2.34
billion) and will retain the South African company’s listing on
Johannesburg’s bourse.Wal-Mart has “irrevocable” support for its 148
rand per share offer from shareholders representing 35 percent of
Massmart, the companies said in a statement today. Another 15 percent
of investors have offered “non-binding” support to the bid.Wal-Mart is
planning to use South Africa, the continent’s largest economy, as its
platform for expansion in Africa to counter slowing growth in U.S.
home market. Bentonville, Arkansas-based Wal-Mart faces opposition
from labor unions in its attempt to establish itself in the
country.Massmart rose 2.30 rand, or 1.6 percent, to 144 rand as of
9:10 a.m. in Johannesburg.

The offer needs approval from at least 75 percent of Massmart
investors, the statement said. Wal-Mart will seek a waiver to make a
mandatory offer to shareholders from South Africa’s regulators. A
mandatory offer is triggered when a shareholder breaches a 35-percent
threshold, under South African law.

Wal-Mart could lead corporate America into Africa CS Monitor

By Aly-Khan Satchu September 28, 2010 Nairobi, Kenya

Wal-Mart has announced that it is prepared to pay approximately $4.2
billion for Massmart Holdings. Massmart Holdings is a
Johannesburg-headquartered chain of discount superstores with a grand
total of 290 stores in 13 African countries under brand names such as
Makro, Game, and Builders Warehouse. Massmart stores can be found as
far away as Ghana and Nigeria and there are stores even in President
Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

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Nigeria Oil Clashes Threaten Production in Challenge to Jonathan Bloomberg
Minerals, Oil & Energy

A surge of violence in Nigeria’s delta region is threatening output in
Africa’s biggest oil producer and may thwart President Goodluck
Jonathan’s ambition to win next year’s election.A year after thousands
of fighters laid down their arms under a government amnesty program,
militants this month struck an Exxon Mobil Corp. offshore platform,
Afren Plc’s shallow water field and a pipeline supplying crude to two
refineries. They also clashed with government troops and vowed more

“Any increase in violence is likely to affect oil output,” Mark
Schroeder, director of Africa analysis at Strategic Forecasting Inc.,
an Austin, Texas-based global intelligence group, said in a telephone
interview. “And the impact of that is felt not only in the country but
globally in terms of higher oil prices, even here in the U.S.”

The attacks have undermined the ability of Jonathan, 53, the nation’s
first leader from the Niger River delta, to guarantee security for an
industry that is the fifth-biggest source of U.S. crude imports and
provides 80 percent of government revenue. Total SA, Europe’s
third-largest oil company, said it may consider quitting the region if
the violence worsens.

“The easiest solution is to say that each time we are confronted with
a security problem we should leave, but then there won’t be any more
oil,” Total Chief Executive Officer Christophe de Margerie said at an
investor conference in Paris on Nov. 19. “If it gets worse, we may
have to leave.”

More than 90 percent of the country’s oil is pumped by Irving,
Texas-based Exxon Mobil, The Hague-based Royal Dutch Shell Plc,
Chevron Corp. of San Ramon, California, Total and Rome’s Eni SpA in
joint ventures with state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. in
Abuja, according to the Petroleum Ministry. Afren, a U.K. oil and gas
explorer focused on West Africa, is based in London.Nigeria was the
seventh-biggest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting
Countries as of October, with output of about 2.05 million barrels a

This month’s attacks were claimed by the Movement for the Emancipation
of the Niger Delta (MEND), the main group responsible for Nigeria’s
oil output being cut by more than 28 percent between 2006 and 2009.
The organization says the region’s resources should be exclusively
controlled by the people of the delta, who would then pay taxes to the
national government.

“In the coming weeks, MEND will launch a major operation that will
simultaneously affect oil facilities across the Niger Delta,” MEND
spokesman Jomo Gbomo said in a Nov. 16 e-mailed statement.

The political ascent of Jonathan, a southern Christian, was partly
spurred by the insurrection in the delta, according to Schroeder. The
Ijaws and other ethnic minorities in the area say they are oppressed
by central governments working with international oil companies in a
region that the United Nations Development Programme said suffers from
“extreme deprivation.”

“In many cases, the conditions of rural communities where crude oil is
produced are deplorable, with severe environmental degradation, and no
access to safe drinking water, electricity and roads,” UNDP said in a
2006 report. “The results have been disillusionment, frustration about
their increasing deprivation and deep-rooted mistrust.”

Jonathan, who was chosen as vice president in 2007, became president
after his predecessor, northern Muslim Umaru Yar’Adua, died in May.
His decision to run for the presidency is contrary to an unwritten
agreement in the ruling People’s Democratic Party to rotate the office
between the mainly Muslim north and the predominantly Christian south.

Jonathan can’t “afford to be seen to be weak,” Bergen Risk Solutions,
a Fantoft, Norway-based risk adviser specializing in Nigeria’s oil
region, said in a Nov. 24 note to clients. “These factors undoubtedly
shaped Jonathan’s decision to unleash” the military “on his ethnic
brethren in the delta.”

Nigerian presidency spokesman Ima Niboro didn’t answer calls on his
mobile phone seeking comment.


Watch This from 1 Minute and 10 Seconds Mindspeak Jomo MEND

Dollar versus Nigeria Naira ForexPros 150.60 Last


Looks reasonably close to Equilibrium at these Levels with NIBOR short
term Interest Rates supportive

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Nigeria All Share Bloomberg Visual +18.183% 2010

% Change0.346


Trick to Call with the Elections looming in the 1st Half 2011.

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South Africa All Share Bloomberg Visual +12.705% 2010

% Change-0.373

Record High is 33,266 dated May 2008.

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Egypt ^EGX30 Bloomberg Visual +9.358% 2010

% Change-0.705

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Ghana All Share Bloomberg Visual +24.551%

% Change0.059


Fundamentals and Charts make this Index very Bullish.

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Sudan's central bank raises margin on pound Reuters
World Currencies

Sudan's central bank on Sunday raised the margin for banks to buy
foreign currency to 17.6 percent above their official rates, trying to
bring more liquidity into the system as the black market inched
higher.Sudan's pound has been hit by speculation of an economic shock
or possible renewed conflict as the oil-producing south of the country
hurtles towards an expected vote for independence from the north in a
January 9 referendum.

Many Sudanese have horded foreign money and the central bank
implemented restrictions to prevent capital flight and bring hard
currency back into the system, hoping to crush the thriving black
market which had left banks short of hard cash.

Analysts and traders said a central bank policy implemented last week
ordering banks and exchanges to buy forex at a 16.29 percent margin
over their official rates was an effective temporary devaluation of
the pound, which the bank hoped to row back once uncertainty around
the referendum subsided.Last week the dollar could buy 2.9 Sudanese
pounds on the black market. On Sunday traders were offering between 3
and 3.1 pounds for the dollar despite the central bank move.The
initial margin set by the central bank last week of 16.29 percent
added onto the upper limit of last week's indicative rate was
equivalent to the black market rate of 2.9 pounds.Sunday's 17.6
percent margin above the upper limit of 2.54 on the central bank's web
site www.bankofsudan.org/ equals 2.99 pounds, almost equal to the
black market rate.


Thats a Devaluation.

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Nairobi ^NSE20 Bloomberg Visual +37.696% 2010
N.S.E General

% Change-1.255

2nd November 4704 was the 2010 High and we have eased 4.95% from that Level.

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Williamson Tea reports 1st Half EPS + 108.85% 2010 results here
N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:          165.00
Total Shares Issued:          8,756,320
Market Capitalization:        1,445M
EPS:            96.42
PE:                1.711

Swot Analysis
30 Sep 2010 versus 30 Sep 2009
Made Tea 7.854m KGs versus 5.819m KGs +34.971%
Turnover 1,513,813m versus 1,000,548m +51.298%
EPS 50.50 versus 24.18 +108.85%
Interim Dividend 2.50

Go and Read Williamson Tea's Commentaries. They have finally
capitulated and called these Results 'Encouraging'.


The PE is below 2.

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Kapchorua Tea reports 1st Half EPS +105.938%
N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:          120.00
Total Shares Issued:          3,912,000
Market Capitalization:        469M
EPS:            35.60
PE:                3.371

Swot Analysis
30 Sep 2010 versus 30 Sep 2009
Made Tea 3.145m KGs versus 2.517 KGs +24.95%
Revenue 603.952m versus 427.82m +41.169%
EPS 23.58 versus 11.45 +105.938%
Interim Dividend 1.25

Further Conclusions

The Farmers Will Drive The Ferraris The Star

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Kenya's Eveready warns on full-year profits Reuters
N.S.E Equities - Industrial & Allied

Eveready East Africa , Kenya's main dry cell batteries maker, warned
on Monday a rise in global zinc prices and unfavorable exchange rates
was likely to affect its results for the year which ended in
September.Eveready said in a statement it was unable to pass the
higher zinc prices onto customers, its financing costs had increased
due to the depreciation of the Kenyan shilling and it was still being
hit by competition from counterfeit batteries.

It is due to report results some time next month.

"Whereas volumes of the financial year 2010 are expected to remain
largely at last year's levels, the impact of the continued presence in
the market of illicit dry cell batteries continued to affect the
company's growth projections," Issa Timamy, Eveready's company
secretary said.

"The profit warning is only based on the management accounts of the
company and preliminary assessment made by the board with reference to
figures and information currently available and is not based on
audited figures or information."

Eveready posted a 50.7 percent rise in pretax profit to 41.6 million
shillings ($515,500) for the year ended September, 2009 after results
in 2008 were hit hard by the violence in Kenya following disputed
election results.

Eveready share price data www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  1/-
Closing Price:          3.05
Total Shares Issued:          210,000,000
Market Capitalization:        641M
EPS:            0.14
PE:                21.786

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N.S.E Today

The NSE could not halt a 5 Day losing Streak and made it 6 days today.
The NSE20 fell 35.91 points to close at 4435.51 and 270 Points and
5.738% off its 2010 High.
The NASI closed 0.40 points lower at 98.51.
Market Cap was 1.175200 Trillion versus 1.180015 Trillion last time.
Equity Turnover was 310.85m versus 334.224m last time.

KPLC  slumped a further 5.208% following on the Steep 2 Session lost
last week and The Management must be glad that Equity and Centum
stepped up to underwrite 50% of the Rights Issue. Eveready followed
Sameer Africa and issued a Profits Warning. The Tea Companies reported
Profits 1st Half +100%+ and Tea Prices remain in the sweetest of Sweet
Spot. Williamson Tea trades on Trailing and Forward PE of 2.00.

N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Williamson Tea reported 1st Half Earnings + 108.85% versus the
Previous Year. Williamson Tea trades on a Trailing and Forward PE of
less than 2.00. Williamson Tea has posted an 87.38% 1 Year Return and
looks egregiously priced. Shareholders should note, There will have
been outsize Cash Formation on the Balance Sheet at the Full Year Mark
and the Management will need to be a whole lot more generous on their
Dividend Policy. Williamson Tea is paying an Interim Dividend of 2
shillings and 50 cents. Williamson Tea rallied 7.88% to close at
178.00 and traded 14,600 shares.

Kapchorua Tea reported 1st Half EPS +105.938%. Kapchorua Tea did not trade.

Kakuzi rallied 5.36% to close at 88.50 and traded 100 shares. Kakuzi
has posted a 177.759% 1 Year Return and trades on a 4.844 Trailing PE.

Kakuzi share price data www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:          84.00
Total Shares Issued:          19,600,000
Market Capitalization:        1,646M
EPS:            17.34
PE:                4.844

Sasini Tea closed 10 cents firmer at 12.75 and traded 23,000 shares.
Rea Vipingo did not trade.

N.S.E Equities - Commercial & Services


shares volume     9,102,400
total turnover     41,410,848
avg price     4.55 Unchanged
low price     4.50
last price     4.55


Safaricom traded 2nd at the Bourse today. Safaricom was unchanged at
4.55 and Buyers continue to mop up Supply at these Levels.
Safaricom trades on a Trailing PE of 11.97 and I believe that has all
the Price War News baked into it. The CEO Boby Collymore is the Guest
at Mindspeak this Saturday at WestGate Mall.

Safaricom share price data and 1st Half Results Analysis here www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  0.05/-
Closing Price:          4.55
Total Shares Issued:          40,000,000,000
Market Capitalization:        182,000M
EPS:            0.38
PE:                11.974

TPS Serena traded 4th at the Bourse. TPS Serena was unchanged at 68.00
and traded 510,400 shares worth 34.946m. TPS Serena has posted a
95.618% 1 Year Return and is currently the Only Listed Proxy with
which to gain exposure to the East African Tourism Sector, which is
currently a Rising Tide.

TPS Serena share price data www.rich.co.ke

Nation traded 5th at the Bourse and closed unchanged at 160.00. Nation
traded a 160.00-163.00 range and 189,200 shares worth 30.273m. Nation
Media has posted a 50.723% 1 Year Return. Nation posted a 1st Half
Acceleration of over 55%.

Nation Media share price data www.rich.co.ke

Standard bounced 4.069% to close at 44.75 and traded 3,200 shares.

ScanGroup retreated 6.611% to close at 56.50 and traded 8,000 shares.
ScanGroup has posted a 128.843% 1 Year Return but has retraced 25.657%
from its 2010 Closing High of 76.00 from 7th October. ScanGroup now
trades on a Trailing PE of 31.21.

ScanGroup share price data www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  1/-
Closing Price:          60.50
Total Shares Issued:          234,570,016
Market Capitalization:        14,191M
EPS:            1.81
PE:                33.425

Access Kenya firmed 0.949% to close at 15.95 and traded 128,300
shares. Access Kenya closed at 15.55 a 52 week low last week.

Kenya Airways eased 0.54% to close at 45.75 and traded 98,300 shares.

CMC Holdings was marked down 4.5977% to close at 12.45 and traded 14,800 shares.
CarGen did not trade

N.S.E Equities - Finance & Investment

CFC StanBic reported reported nine-month net climbed 50.5% and 9 month
EPS was 8.09 shillings a shares.CFC StanBic firmed 50 cents to close
at 81.50 and traded only 3,100 shares. Straightlining the EPS I am
getting a Full Year EPS of 10.7866. 81.50/10.7866 = Forward PE of
7.55. CFC StanBic has posted a 78.723% 1 Year Return and looks very
reasonably priced on a Forward PE Basis. There could be more than 20%
worth of Head Room on the Price.

Centum traded 6th at the Bourse. Centum eased 1.02% to close at 24.25
and traded a 23.75-25.00 range. Centum traded 1.049m shares worth
25.677m. Centum reported +712% 1st Half Results last week and is up
just over 127% on a 1 Year Basis.

Centum 1st Half Analysis share price data www.rich.co.ke

Equity Bank was the most actively traded share at the Bourse. Equity
Bank closed unchanged at 25.75 and traded 2.229m shares worth 57.436m.
Equity Bank has posted a 94.178% 1 Year Return and is 7.207% off its
2010 high of 27.75.

Equity Bank share Price data Earnings releases here www.rich.co.ke

COOP Bank eased 0.78% to close at 19.00 and traded 1.010m shares worth
19.207m. COOP Bank recorded a 21.50 All Time High less than 8 weeks
ago and has posted a 114.423% 1 Year Return.
KCB closed at 21.00 and traded a 20.75-21.50 range and 557,400 shares
worth 11.723m. KCB trades on an Implied Forward of 5.833 and thats
egregious and a Value Proposition.

KCB share price data 3rd Quarter Earnings 2010

Par Value:                  1/-
Closing Price:          21.25
Total Shares Issued:          2,950,259,712
Market Capitalization:        62,693M
EPS:            1.84
PE:                11.549

Barclays Bank eased 0.8% to close at 62.00 and traded a 60.00-62.50
range and 74,300 shares. Barclays closed at a 2+ Year High of 70.00
this Year and these levels have been the bottom of the Trading Range
and from whence we have bounced before, twice.
StanChart firmed 0.37% to close at 271.00 and traded 15,100 shares.

Kenya Re eased 1.72% to close at 11.40 and traded 81,300 shares.
Jubilee traded 2,500 shares and was unchanged at 189.00.
PanAfric did not trade.

NBK bounced 1.298% to close at 39.00 and traded 30,500 shares.
NIC retreated 1.03% to close at 48.00 and traded 94,800 shares.
HFCK was marked down 2.8571% to close at 25.50 and traded 48,500 shares.
DTB eased 0.746% to close at 133.00 and traded 11,300 shares.

Olympia Capital traded 1,300 shares and closed at 6.50.

N.S.E Equities - Industrial & Allied

KPLC retreated a further 5.208% to close at 22.75 and was trading
22.00 -8.33% into the Finish Line. KPLC traded 103,900 shares and
traded over 30.00 briefly last week before sliding to 22.75 todays
close. KPLC is selling Rights Shares at a Price of 19.50 and must be
satisfied that Equity Bank and Centum have underwritten some 50% of
the Rights Issue, given the speed of the recent Decline towards the
19.50 Mark.

KPLC share price data Announcements etc here www.rich.co.ke

KenGen eased 1.117% to close at 16.75 and traded 285,300 shares. The
MD Eddie Njoroge was quote don the Wires saying a Decision around
whether to invite in a Strategic Investor will be made in February
Cables closed at 16.50 and traded 29,400 shares.

EABL traded 3rd at the Bourse. EABL was unchanged at 216.00 and
trading 217.00 +0.46% into the Close. EABL traded 187,400 shares worth
40.659m. EABL has registered a 62.736% 1 Year Return and closed at
225.00 last Monday an all Time High and from where we have corrected

EABL share price data www.rich.co.ke

Par Value:                  2/-
Closing Price:          216.00
Total Shares Issued:          790,774,336
Market Capitalization:        170,807M
EPS:            9.09
PE:                23.762

Eveready issued a Profits warning and Issa Timamy, Eveready's company
secretary said.
"Whereas volumes of the financial year 2010 are expected to remain
largely at last year's levels, the impact of the continued presence in
the market of illicit dry cell batteries continued to affect the
company's growth projections."
Eveready traded 37,500 shares all at 3.00 -1.64%. Eveready has posted
a 5.263% 1 Year Return and has retreated 46.42% from 5.60 Levels from
the 16th of March.

Mumias Sugar retreated 1.53% to close at 9.65 and traded 820,800
shares. The Sell off from 2010 Highs of 15.50 8th August has been

Mumias Sugar share price data www.rich.co.ke

KenolKobil closed at 10.00 and traded 256,700 shares.
Total traded 10,500 shares and closed at 29.00.

Sameer Africa retreated 4.411% to close at 6.50 and traded 71,000 shares.

ARM firmed a shilling to close at 173.00 and traded 3,100 shares.
Bamburi Cement was unchanged at 196.00 and traded 1,700 shares.
Portland did not trade.

BAT traded 500 shares at 280.00 and unchanged.

Carbacid was unchanged at 146.00 and traded 100 shares.
BOC Kenya did not trade.
Crown Berger was unchanged at 32.50 and traded 400 shares.
Unga closed at 11.00 and traded 1,600 shares.

by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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November 2010

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