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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Friday 16th of May 2014

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I look forward to hosting the “Banking CEO of the Year” for 2014
National Bank Chief Executive Officer Munir Ahmed at #Mindspeak May

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What is #Mindspeak ? @YouTube

I thank the Australian High Commissioner Geoff Tooth @Geofftooth for
an outstandingly interesting Lunch. Thank You.

I attended the Polish National Day Celebration yesterday evening in Muthaiga

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Poland National Day #Muthaiga we remain at the heart of Europe @PLinkenya

I attended the AfDB's 50th Anniversary celebration this morning at the
Villa Rosa kempinski

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CS Engineer Michael Kamau @AFDB_GROUP 50 year celebration @Villarosakempin

And that was after participating in Mandharini's Property Seminar
where this Prediction caught everyone's attention.

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@EconomicTimes #Results2014 My son will lead the country towards development, says @NarendraModi 's mother
Law & Politics

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh calls Shri Narendra Modi and
congratulated him on his party's victory in the Lok Sabha elections. —
Dr Manmohan Singh (@PMOIndia) May 16, 2014

The BJP appear to be on course for a landslide victory, according to
the latest count by NDTV.


#IndiaDecides2014: Leads + Results (543/543) - BJP+ 339 (+198) ,
Congress 59 (-175), Others 145 (-23) #Results2014


“The old EU paradigm of getting everyone to join a rules-based system
has run into a wall because now the Russians won’t play ball,” Techau
said in a phone interview.


Confronted by the prospect of a new Iron Curtain in Russia’s
borderlands, the European Union’s largest countries are turning the
other way.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain are all cutting back on defense just
as a swath of countries on the EU’s eastern flank from the Baltic Sea
to Romania ramp up arms spending. Estonia, which borders Russia, spent
a greater share of its national output on defense than France in 2013
for the second year running, NATO figures show.

Europe’s east-west divergence underscores Vladimir Putin’s leverage
against EU leaders who lack the will and the means to face down his
efforts to rebuild influence in the buffer area between Russia and
North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states. Left unchecked in
Ukraine, Putin is tearing up the post-Cold War order that saw the EU
and NATO expand to 10 former Soviet satellites as Russia could only
look on, said Jan Techau, head of the Brussels office of the Carnegie

“Many, if not most, European countries have no appetite” for a
conflict with Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said yesterday in
a Bloomberg Television interview. The U.S. wants to keep Europe “on a
short leash,” he said.

Italy plans to use its six-month EU presidency starting July to work
on “re-establishing a partnership with Russia,” Foreign Minister
Federica Mogherini said in Brussels this week after EU governments
agreed to widen sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.

The uncertainty fuels an arc of “instability” from Belarus south
through Ukraine to the Caucasus that Techau says “will be the new
normal in Europe.”

A unified response is all the more difficult because of a sense of
disconnect between the EU’s eastern periphery and its core, where life
goes on much as normal. In those countries wracked by the debt crisis,
things are even starting to pick up.

Russia “regards the NATO front-line states in the Baltic Sea region
and possibly in the Black Sea region as a sort of soft underbelly of
the alliance,” Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser said in a May 6
interview. He called for a “stronger NATO footprint on the soil of
front-line states.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin prior to as part of a one-week
trip to Sochi, on May 12, 2014.




“Mein Führer, I can walk!” screams Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers),
the ex-Nazi nuclear scientist, rising from his wheelchair to salute
the American President at the climax of “Dr. Strangelove or: How I
Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” Stanley Kubrick’s
satirical masterpiece is now a half century old (Film Forum will be
playing a new 35-mm. print starting this Friday), and it remains as
outrageously prankish, juvenile, and derisive as ever. Which, given
the subject of nuclear annihilation, is exactly right. The movie is an
apocalyptic sick joke: the demented general Jack Ripper (Sterling
Hayden), who thinks the Commies are using fluoridation to destroy his
bodily fluids (he withholds his essence from women), dispatches a
group of B-52s loaded with H-bombs to destroy Soviet targets.
President Merkin Muffley (Sellers again) tries to recall them; he even
helps the Soviet Union to destroy some of the planes. But, after all
sorts of misadventures, one B-52 gets through, setting off a
Soviet-built Doomsday Machine—chained nuclear explosions assembled in
a stunningly beautiful montage, accompanied by Vera-Ellen singing the
tender ballad “We’ll Meet Again (Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When).”


It certainly feels a little circular, doesn't it?

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.3721
Dollar Index 80.02 Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the U.S.
has “further to go to achieve a healthy economy.”
Japan Yen 101.57 The yen headed for its first back-to-back weekly gain
in more than three months
Swiss Franc 0.8903
Pound 1.6800
Aussie 0.9345
India Rupee 58.85 The rupee rose 0.6 percent to 58.93 per dollar after
touching 58.62, the strongest since June, according to prices from
local banks compiled by Bloomberg.
South Korea Won 1024.66
Brazil Real 2.2188
Egypt Pound 7.1125 [losing ground]
South Africa Rand 10.3904

Dollar Index 3 Month Chart INO 80.02 [Yellen talks it down]


Euro versus the Dollar 3 Month Chart 1.3721 [Draghi is set to pull
the Trigger]


Data yesterday showed euro-area gross domestic product rose 0.2
percent in the three months through March, half as much as economists
forecast and matching growth in the fourth quarter.

Dollar Yen 3 Month Chart INO 101.57 [Safe haven bid]


The yen was little changed at 101.55 per dollar as of 8:02 a.m. in
London after appreciating to 101.32 yesterday, the strongest since
March 19.

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Commodity Markets at a Glance WSJ

Gold 1 Year Chart INO 1293.64 [Breaks lower and sharply at some point]


Crude Oil 6 Month Chart INO 101.15 [trading expensive]


Futures were little changed in London and are up 1.1 percent this week.

Mark Rothko's painting “Untitled (Red, Blue, Orange)” fetched
$56.2 million at Phillips in New York


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How ‘Benghazi’ Birthed the New Normal in Africa by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt

All of this, writes Nick Turse, is but part of what the U.S. military
has started to call the “new normal” in Africa.

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In 2013, Africa’s share of global FDI projects reached 5.7%, its highest level in a decade. Africa attractiveness survey 2014

However, the average size of FDI projects increased to US$70.1m in
2013, from US$60.1m in 2012. In terms of destinations, while South
Africa maintained its position as the top FDI destination, emerging
hotspots for investment are Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania
and Zambia.

African investors nearly tripled their share of FDI projects over the
last decade, and Intra-African investment has also driven job creation
on the continent. This growth is fueled by the need for improved
regional value chains and strengthening regional integration.

With the diversification of economic activity in Africa gathering
pace, growing employment levels are creating a new consumer class.
This has paved the way for increasing FDI in consumer-focused services
and manufacturing sectors. Sectors other than extractive industries
are growing in importance.

The most striking observation from this year’s survey is how far
Africa’s perceived attractiveness has improved. In less than five
years, Africa has risen to become the second most attractive
investment destination in the world, tied with Asia.

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are considered the most attractive
investment destinations in SSA, whereas Morocco is seen as the leading
destination for doing business in North Africa, largely on account of
its relatively stable political environment.

However, the perception gap between those already doing business on
the continent, and those with no business presence, remains striking.

More specifically, those already active on the continent rank it as by
far the most attractive investment destination in the world today.
Those who are yet to invest are far less enthusiastic, ranking Africa
as the least attractive investment destination in the world. The gap
could hardly be wider.

Download Africa attractiveness survey 2014 as a pdf


FDI in 2013


EY’s 2014 Africa attractiveness survey Executing growth


read more

The share of intra-African investments in the continent’s FDI reached a record 23 per cent last year, up from just 8 per cent five years ago, according to consultancy group EY.

The surge in intra-African direct investment comes on the back of high
profile local companies expanding across the region, including South
African-based retailer Shoprite, Standard Bank, bottler Coca-Cola
Sabco and telecom group MTN.

South African companies are seeking new growth markets to compensate
sluggish economic growth at home, trying to tap into a fragile middle
class across the region. Shoprite, which now has more than 150 outlets
in 16 African countries outside its home market, said it sold more
cans of Red Bull, the energy drink, in five shops in Angola last year
than in all its 382 outlets in South Africa, for example.

Nigeria’s Dangote Group, owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote,
is also expanding quickly across the region, opening cement factories
in Zambia and Cameroon. Kenyan companies are also spreading,
particularly in the east African region.

This growth is fuelled by the need for improved regional value chains
and strengthening regional integration. Another driver of growth is
the African investors’ understanding of the market and of the
potential opportunities and challenges.

Africa is also the fastest-growing source of FDI in Africa,
accumulating a growth rate of 31 per cent between 2007 and 2013,
compared with 16 per cent for Asia and 5.8 per cent for the Middle

By number of FDI projects, African headquartered groups are now the
second source of investment in the continent, behind only western
Europe, EY said. “Intra-African investments are also the
second-largest source of job creation on the continent,” it noted.

South Africa is the largest domestic investor in the continent,
accounting for nearly 35 per cent of all the so-called Africa direct
investment, followed by Kenya with 16 per cent and Nigeria with 11.6
per cent.

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"They talk about economic growth but we don't see it," said Emmanuel Apiah

South Africa All Share Bloomberg +8.18% 2014 Just below a record High


Dollar versus Rand 6 Month Chart INO 10.3902


Egypt Pound versus The Dollar 3 Month Chart INO 7.1125 [on the slide of late]


Via @ReutersWorld How #Egyptian presidential candidate #sisi says
the #US can help him fight #terrorism

Asked what message he has for U.S. @BarackObama, Sisi said: "We are
fighting a war against terrorism."


"The Egyptian army is undertaking major operations in the Sinai so it
is not transformed into a base for terrorism that will threaten its
neighbors and make Egypt unstable. If Egypt is unstable then the
entire region is unstable," said a quietly spoken Sisi, wearing a dark
civilian suit.

"We need American support to fight terrorism, we need American
equipment to use to combat terrorism."

He said neighboring Libya, which has descended into chaos following
the Western-backed uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, was becoming
a major security threat to Egypt with jihadis infiltrating across the
border to fight security forces.

Sisi said the West must understand that terrorism would reach its
doorstep unless it helped eradicate it.

"The West has to pay attention to what's going on in the world - the
map of extremism and its expansion. This map will reach you
inevitably," he said.

He said neighboring Libya, which has descended into chaos following
the Western-backed uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, was becoming
a major security threat to Egypt with jihadis infiltrating across the
border to fight security forces.

Sisi said the West must understand that terrorism would reach its
doorstep unless it helped eradicate it.

"The West has to pay attention to what's going on in the world - the
map of extremism and its expansion. This map will reach you
inevitably," he said.

In a sideswipe at Western policy on Syria, where U.S. and European
support for rebels fighting for three years to bring down President
Bashar al-Assad has seen a proliferation of jihadism and the
fragmentation of the country, Sisi stressed the need to maintain the
unity of Syria.

"Otherwise we will see another Afghanistan", he said. "I don't think
you want to create another Afghanistan in the region."

"They lost their connection with Egyptians," Sisi said, accusing them
of violence, which the group denies.

"Unjustified violence towards Egyptians made them not only lose
sympathy among Egyptians, but also meant they have no real chance of
reconciliation with society."


nuanced and sophisticated and surprisingly independent in his support
by extrapolation of Bashar Assad and a unitary Syrian State.

Egypt EGX30 Bloomberg +27.93% 2014 Africa's Best in 2014 Fresh more
than 60 month highs


8,553.43 +86.58 +1.02%

if the equity markets had a vote in Egypt, army chief general Abdel
Fattah al-Sisi would actually get one of those impossible- to-believe
votes of 99.8% 20-JAN-2014


Nigeria All Share Bloomberg -2.65% 2014


"In general Nigeria has failed to mount an effective campaign against
Boko Haram," Alice Friend, the Pentagon's principal director for
African Affairs, told a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee's Africa subcommittee.


Ghana Stock Exchange Composite Index Bloomberg +4.88% 2014 [but
consider a more than 23% depreciation in the Cedi over same period]


Zambian Kwacha Falls in World’s Worst Retreat on Dollar Drive


Zambia’s kwacha weakened in the world’s worst decline against the
dollar today as a shortage of foreign exchange pushed the currency of
Africa’s second-biggest copper producer to a record low.

The kwacha, the continent’s worst performer this year after Ghana’s
cedi, has come under pressure from deficits on the southern African
nation’s current and capital accounts, Fitch Ratings said in a note
today. The selloff will probably continue, according to Zambia
National Commercial Bank Plc.

The kwacha dropped as much as 2.1 percent, the biggest intraday fall
since March 27, and traded 1.6 percent weaker at 6.6550 per dollar by
5:33 p.m. in Lusaka, a record low and the worst today among 172 global
currencies tracked by Bloomberg.

A weaker kwacha leads to higher costs of imports including oil, adding
pressure on the inflation rate, which climbed to 7.8 percent in April
the highest since November 2011. The Bank of Zambia raised its
benchmark rate to 12 percent from 10.25 percent in March and held it
at a record high this month.

Yields on Zambia’s Eurobonds sold last month and due in April 2024
fell for a third day to 7.51 percent, one percentage point less than
the coupon, and a record low. Proceeds from the $1 billion dollar debt
may help take pressure off the government’s deficits, Fitch analysts
including Carmen Altenkirch wrote.

Zambia, Ghana and South Africa have been most affected by “home-grown
challenges” along with the effect of Federal Reserve stimulus cuts on
markets, according to Fitch.


28-APR-2014 Rising Fiscal Imbalance is Region's Achilles Heel


My takeaway is; the tailwinds remain favourable but that the markets
are no longer as benign and that we would be wise to look very closely
how policy makers are getting crunched in places like Ghana. A more
than 30 per cent collapse in a currency is a direct cause-and-effect
of poor policy making. Putting Humpty Dumpty together again is not an
easy thing.

October 13, 2013. Bangassou, Mbomou prefecture, Central African
Republic. The soldiers of the national military use the local police
station as their base. Photo Booth


On Tuesday, the body of the twenty-six-year-old French photojournalist
Camille Lepage was found in a car driven by members of the so-called
Anti-Balaka militia force in the Bouar region of the Central African
Republic. Lepage, who moved to the country last year to document the
conflict in the region, worked as a freelancer and was on assignment
when she was killed. The office of President François Hollande
released a statement that read, “Everything will be done to uncover
the circumstances of this assassination and to track down who murdered
our compatriot.” Above is a selection of Lepage’s recent work from the
Central African Republic.

October 4, 2013. Bangui, Central African Republic. At the general
headquarters of FOMAC.


The U.S. government banned ivory imports from Zimbabwe because it
“does not have sufficient information” on the number of elephants in
Zimbabwe to determine if population of the animals is sustainable,
Shire said in an April 22 e-mailed statement.


“We were caught napping by the U.S. ban as we didn’t anticipate it,”
Langton Masunda, chairman of Hwange-Gwayi-Dete Conservancy in
Matabeleland North province, said in a telephone interview. “We now
have to look at Russian and Chinese markets, and at other
nationalities interested in sport hunting instead of relying on
Americans who think they are the only ones with the big bucks.”

Zimbabwe’s hunters, who undergo some of the most rigorous training in
Africa, can earn as much as $2,000 a day helping clients from America,
Eastern Europe and Spain shoot anything from antelope to lion and
elephant, according to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management

A client will pay about $30,000 in permit fees and for the hire of a
professional hunter to get an elephant. A lion kill will likely cost a
hunter about $55,000, according to the authority’s guidelines.



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A 40-year-old albino woman was murdered for her body parts in Tanzania this week in an attack believed to be linked to witchcraft, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said.

At least 73 people with albinism have been killed since 2000 in
Tanzania, where witchdoctors and their accomplices spread the false
belief that adding albino body parts to potions brings success, good
luck and health. Lugata’s murder was the first this year, Pillay said.
People with albinism need to be better protected, she said.

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Kenya scolds Britain, U.S. over 'unfriendly' travel warnings
Kenyan Economy

Kenya rebuked Britain, the United States, Australia and France on
Thursday for issuing warnings about travel to the east African country
and particularly its main port city after a series of attacks there.

Kenya called the alerts "unfriendly", saying they would increase panic
and play into the hands of those behind the gun and grenade assaults.

Kenya has blamed bomb blasts in the capital Nairobi and the main port
city Mombasa this month, as well as other attacks, on the al
Qaeda-linked Somali group al Shabaab.

The warnings may further damage Kenya's tourism sector, one that
President Uhuru Kenyatta said is "on its knees" following the raids in
the capital and along the Indian Ocean coastline.

Karanja Kibicho, the principal secretary at the foreign affairs
department, said Kenya was assuring its visitors of "utmost security
and safety", and lamented the advisories by countries also involved in
its fight against the militants.

"The advisories therefore are obviously unfriendly acts coming from
our partners who have equally borne the brunt of global terrorism and
no doubt understand the repercussions of terror menace," Kibicho said.

"The challenges arising from acts of terrorism require concerted
efforts to fight it and not behaving in a manner that accelerates it
by causing fear and panic."

Kenyan authorities say they do not know of any imminent threats.

Western diplomats have privately said Kenyan security forces - which
receive aid and training from the United States, Britain and Israel
among others - are weakened by inter-agency rivalries that hamper
intelligence work.

Britain's Foreign Office told its citizens they should avoid travel to
Mombasa and the surrounding area because of "recent terrorist attacks
and the continuing terrorist threat in the area," unless travel was

The U.S. Embassy warned its citizens of the continued threat of
"potential terrorist attacks in the country," citing targets include
hotels, nightclubs and malls.

Kenya said Australia and France issued similar warnings.


The United Kingdom has issued its highest warning for the Mombasa
area, ever, apparently.

British tourists leave Kenya after Foreign Office warning


The recent bombings in Abuja and last years attack on Westgate confirm
the potency of asymmetric risks


African markets have taken these risks in their stride. They might
stumble if these asymmetric risks ratchet higher.

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Southern Palms The Sea Side Diani South of Mombasa
Kenyan Economy

7-FEB-2014 :: Base Titanium, Ilmenite, Likoni Ferry, Security and Senator


There is some serious c21st infrastructure both at the mine site and
at the jetty but as I sat on the Likoni ferry, deep in the milieu of
the overwhelming tide of humanity, I could not help recalling Antonio

''The old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum
there arises a great diversity of morbid symptoms. ''

I suppose post Westgate I notice how often in a day I am at a
standstill and that the density of humanity around me means I am in
fact helpless, whether its the Likoni ferry or crawling at 2mph around
the Likoni environs or stuck in a jam on Waiyaki Way.

These are asymmetric sweet spots as it were. I follow trends [the
trend is your friend] and whether it was the Ibrahim index which

''At the sub-category level, no region in Africa has improved in rule
of law or personal safety since 2000.''

or the WEF Report of September 2013 which ranked us 125th with regard
to the security situation and characterised it as ''worrisome'' or a
report on Bloomberg this week which said that between January and
November 2013, versus a year earlier, violent offenses including
murder, robbery and rape surged between 11 per cent and 22 per cent,
the security indicators are heading in the wrong direction.

Once the security genie escapes the bottle, it will be practically
impossible to bottle him again and call me old-fashioned but I yearn
for the certainty of a John Michuki whom I know could look this dead
straight in the eye and us as well and say I got this covered.

I can see the birth pangs of the new. The World Economic Forum reports
scored us at 50th for our innovative capacity. In terms of
international internet bandwidth per internet user, Kenya is now the
bandwidth-richest country in Africa after an increase in international
internet bandwidth per internet user from 4 500 Mbit/s in 2011 to 24
000 Mbit/s in 2012. That is plain optimal in the new information age.

Good afternoon from the Likoni Channel 92 days ago

Kenya Shilling versus The Dollar Live ForexPros 87.453 [Big FY
Dividend payments being uplifted to Parent Companies]


Nairobi All Share Bloomberg +10.303% 2014


Nairobi ^NSE20 Bloomberg +0.372% 2014


Every Listed Share can be interrogated here


Africa Oil discovers new reserves in two northern Kenya wells @BD_Africa


Pan Africa Insurance raises its Family Bank stake to 5pc @BD_Africa


“Our stake in Family Bank is at five per cent. We are interested in
raising it further should there be an opportunity,” said Mr Gitogo.

read more

N.S.E Today

The Nairobi All Share firmed 0.2786% to close at 151.15.
The All Share was lifted by a rebound in Safaricom which rebounded
1.984% on heavy volume.
The Nairobi NSE20 Index rallied 22.24 points higher to close at 4967.57.
The NSE20 has not closed above the key 5,000 level since January and
that Level remains key.
The NSE20 has been a little circumspect about the 5,000 Level.
Equity Turnover was 972.392m of which 76.6% of that was transacted in
Safaricom and Buyers stepped in and mopped up everything upto 13.15.

N.S.E Equities - Commercial & Services

Safaricom firmed 1.984% to close at 12.85 and was in fact trading at
13.15 +4.37% at the closing Bell. Safaricom traded heavy volume of
57.811m shares worth 744.877m as Buyers scooped up shares. As I said
the more than 50% Uplift in the Full Year Dividend was the loudest
Signal in the Earnings Release. The 3 day Profit taking move
immediately after the Earnings Release totalled 2.32% Peak to Trough
was real mild, orderly and on low volume and was in fact a Bullish
Signifier. Expect Fresh All Time Highs above 13.50 in reasonably short

Kenya Airways closed unchanged at 12.80 and traded 166,500 shares.
Buyers for size are at 12.50 and Sellers are at 13.00+. Full Year
Earnings are slated for release June 4th.

TPS Serena looked through the Mombasa Evacuation Noise [TPS Serena is
very diversified and therefore todays price reaction understandable
given that TPS Serena remains so oversold] and ticked 1.85% higher to
close at 41.50 on light trading of 7,400 shares.

N.S.E Equities - Finance & Investment

Equity Bank eased 1.88% to close at 39.00 and was trading at session
Lows of 38.50 -3.14% at the closing Bell. Equity Bank had 4 sellers
for every 1 Buyer. Equity Bank traded 510,000 shares. Investors are
seeking to book gains after a parabolic rally which saw the share
price rally 27.55% 4 weeks through 9th May. Equity Bank is +26.82% in

National Bank surged 4.6875% to close at 33.50 the day before National
Bank's CEO and MD Munir Ahmed will speak at my Business Club
#Mindspeak. National Bank is +16.52% this year.

Housing Finance retreated 6.547% today to close at 39.25 but consider
that it had spiked +16.666% higher over the two preceding sessions and
Profit taking was therefore in order.

Centum closed unchanged at 40.00 and traded 652,500 shares.

Transcentury which had retreated 20.869% this year through this
morning, rebounded 3.296% to close at 23.50 on light trading of 1,300

Liberty rallied +6.25% to close at 21.25 and traded 14,800 shares.
Liberty Kenya is +41.19% this year and a part of what has been a broad
based Rally in the insurance Sector which began in Q4 2013.
Jubilee Insurance ticked 0.613% higher to close at 328.00 and was
trading at 334.00 +2.45% session highs at the Finish line. Jubilee is
playing Catch-Up after the Lagging its Peer Group rally. Jubilee is
+17.14% in 2014.

N.S.E Equities - Industrial & Allied

KenolKobil traded its highest Volume session of the year yesterday and
some 19.492m shares representing 1.32% of the shares of the company
and followed that with a steep 7.647% rally to close at 9.15 and was
in fact locked at the daily limit of 9.35% +10.00% for a great deal of
the session. KenolKobil traded 4.919m shares and evidently something
might well be afoot. KenolKobil turned things around FY 2013.
KenolKobil is -9.405% in 2013 but this move might see it reach

East African Portland Cement EAPCC issued a FY Profits Warning for the
Year ending June 2014. EAPCC closed unchanged at 92.50 and traded
2,400 shares. EAPCC trades on a Trailing PE of 4.688 and There is a
school of thought that believes the net consequence of the
Investigation into Lafarge's Position in the Cement sector will be
that EAPCC will be in play. EAPCC is in fact +34.057% in 2014 and is
carrying a valuable land bank on its balance sheet which if off-loaded
would probably make EAPCC better than debt free.

East African Portland Cement issues a Profits Warning here


Express traded 38,100 shares and all at 5.00 +4.17%. Express is +28.2%
in 2014 and like other Small Caps has caught a Bid in 2014.

Olympia Capital ticked 2.13% higher and closed at 4.80. Olympia
Capital is +4.34% this year.

by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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May 2014

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