22nd November 2014
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Satchu's Rich Wrap-Up
Friday 21st of November 2014

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Georgia O'Keeffe Oriental Poppies (1928) Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

"If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it no one would see what
I see because I would paint it small like the flower is small. So I
said to myself - I'll paint it big... and they will be surprised."
O'Keeffe's poppies are among her most famous works, the glossy red and
orange flowers exploding on a canvas almost four feet wide. There is
no background to distract from their sheer force of personality. Made
in 1928, the painting is a vast close-up, pulling the eye into the
dark heart of these flowers through the power of scale and colour

Macro Thoughts

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29-SEP-2014 A Small Window for Sharks as Dollar Rises

ON August 25, I wrote this: "You see in the old days, these condi-
tions would have created a flight into the dollar.... If things tip
big, the dollar might soar."

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13-OCT-2014 Who Kneecapped Prices in Global Oil Markets?

The US administration has turned price slasher and like in Alfred
Hitchcock's totemic movie "Pyscho", oil has been sliced up real good.
The US has flooded the oil market and the commodity is now a
geopolitical spear [Michael Klare and Tom Engelhardt].

It is the US that is the new price setter for the oil markets and this
is a deep and important geopolitical development. The new price levels
will have immediate and enormous geopolitical and financial knock-on
effects. It will place intolerable pressure on oil producers and
particularly those operating from a higher base price.

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03-NOV-2014 The Commodity Super-Cycle is Dead in the Water

Home Thoughts

My Uncle Aziz [who in my first term at Westminster rocked up in Jaguar
E-Type and drove me to Hampton Court for Lunch] is in hospital.

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#RMAPOWERTRIP @jaguarsa at Kyalami @RMAKenya

I do not like going to Hospitals being many years ago I went to a
Hospital in Bahrain with my Dad and Brothers to switch off Mum's Life
support machine.

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Gulzaar Satchu My Beloved Mother

Songs of #Kabir Between the Poles of the Concious and the Unconcious
there has the Mind made a Swing. Songs of #Kabir Thereon hang all
Beings and all worlds, and that Swing never ceases it's Sway Songs of
#Kabir Millions of Beings are there The Sun and the Moon in their
courses are there Millions of ages pass Songs of #Kabir And The Swing
goes on. All Swing! The Sky and the Earth and the Air and the Water

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Woman with gun arrested outside White House after Obama's immigration speech
Law & Politics

April Lenhart, 23, of Mount Morris, Michigan, was arrested around 8:30
p.m. local time, Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said in an

Obama had started his speech some 30 minutes earlier, during which he
imposed the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation.

The executive actions ease the threat of deportation for some 4.7
million undocumented immigrants and set up a clash with Republicans
who vow to fight his moves.

Hoback said Lenhart was demonstrating along the north fence of the
White House complex when authorities saw a holstered handgun on her

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06-OCT-2014 Current World Affairs Fluid and Uncertain
Law & Politics

It was only very recently that I actually studied the assas- sination
of JFK. And what is indisputable is that geolocating Lee Harvey Oswald
and then studying the head action of the President confirms that Os-
wald could not have killed him.

It made me think, who or whom can shoot a President stone cold dead
and spin a narrative so effectively for half a century?

Its a remarkable thing. Last week, President Obama accepted the
resignation of the Secret Service director Julia Pierson after a
series of lapses. Just over two weeks ago a man named Omar J. Gonzalez
scaled the White House fence and managed to get deep into the
executive mansion before being captured. On September 16 an armed
security guard with a criminal record was allowed to get on an
elevator in Atlanta with Obama. The first signal in the noise, in my
opinion, is that these were not lapses but [very deliberate] messages
and that the president needs to exercise extreme caution.

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Putin in his Valdai Club speech:
Law & Politics

Incidentally, at the time, our colleagues [the US] tried to somehow
manage these processes, use regional conflicts and design 'colour
revolutions' to suit their interests, but the genie escaped the
bottle. It looks like the controlled chaos theory fathers themselves
do not know what to do with it; there is disarray in their ranks.


As I have said throwing Putin over and into Xi Jinping's Embrace and
was in my view counterproductive. I refer you to the Triangle Theory
[US, China and Russia]

Why be 1 versus 2?

When you can be 2 versus 1?

If it is to be War with Russia then iran will be rehabilitated as a
Gas counterweight to Russia

Watch: Bill Cosby refuse to answer questions about rape allegations,
orders clip not to be shown @AP @APTV


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War with Isis: A Catholic convert and a pizza delivery man reveal the disturbing face of French jihadists
Law & Politics

The disturbing face of French "jihadism" has been revealed by a
statistical survey and by the most recent, horrific video clip from

The "face" is French or European, rather than Arab or North African.
It belongs to a young man from a loving, non-religious family who has
"self-converted" to extremist Islam through the internet.

Two members of a column of killers seen cutting the throats of 12
captured Syrian pilots in the Isis video released this week were
French. Both have been identified. Both are 22. Both are European.

One is Maxime Hauchard, a former cinema lover and pizza delivery man
from suburban Normandy. The other is Mickael dos Santos, a
French-born, once devoutly Catholic son of a Portuguese immigrant
family settled near Paris.


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IS and the likes of Al-Shabaab have proven accomplished and frightening and frightful exponents of the 21st century digital ecosystem. August 25th 2014
Law & Politics

And what is so fascinating is that their media efforts all point West.
The richest hunting ground for these new 21st century serial
killers/terrorists is among the disaffected in the Western World.

you know one of my 'O' Level Books was

Albert Camus's L'Etranger


'L'Étranger' Claire Messud


In French, étranger can be translated as "outsider," "stranger" or
"foreigner." Our protagonist, Meursault, is all three, and the concept
of an outsider encapsulates all these possible meanings: Meursault is
a stranger to himself, an outsider to society and a foreigner because
he is a Frenchman in Algeria.

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Currency Markets at a Glance WSJ
World Currencies

Euro 1.2540
Dollar Index 87.63
Japan Yen 117.83
Swiss Franc 0.9584
Pound 1.5684
Aussie 0.8625
India Rupee 61.874
South Korea Won 1113.30
Brazil Real 2.5730
Egypt Pound 7.1518
South Africa Rand 10.9671

Dollar Index 3 Month Chart INO 87.63 [looking for another Big
break higher in due course]


Euro versus the Dollar 3 Month Chart 1.2540 [1.000 in 2015]


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Confused OPEC Watchers Are More Divided Than Ever [Expect nothing and a further slump in the Price of Oil]

To understand just how contentious next week's OPEC meeting will be,
take a look at the confusion it's created among professionals paid to
predict the outcome.

The 20 analysts surveyed this week by Bloomberg are perfectly divided,
with half forecasting the Organization of Petroleum Exporting
Countries will cut supply on Nov. 27 in Vienna to stem a plunge in
prices while the other half expect no change. In the seven years since
the surveys began, it's the first time participants were evenly split.
The only episode that created a similar debate was the OPEC meeting in
late 2007, when crude was soaring to a record.

"If OPEC does nothing, I think we're seeing this market get really
trashed, another $10 from where it is," Hakan Kocayusufpasaoglu, chief
investment officer at Archbridge Capital AG, a Zug, Switzerland-based
hedge fund, said by phone Nov. 14

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At the same time, with a remarkable lack of publicity or media attention, it has begun pivoting into Africa.

Americans know next to nothing about this and yet the U.S. military is
now in one fashion or another involved with 49 of the 54 countries on
that continent.

In recent years, the U.S. military has been involved in a continual
process of expanding its presence in Africa. Out of public earshot,
officials have talked about setting up a string of small bases across
the northern tier of the continent. Indeed, over the last years, U.S.
staging areas, mini-bases, and outposts have popped up in the
contiguous nations of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and,
skipping Chad, in the Central African Republic, followed by South
Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. A staunch American ally
with a frequent and perhaps enduring American troop presence, Chad
seems like the natural spot for still another military compound - the
only missing link in a long chain of countries stretching from west to
east, from one edge of the continent to the other - even if AFRICOM
continues to insist that there's no American "base" in the works.

"It's a very complex collision and I think if it's a game of money,
then China wins because China is the banker. But if it's a game of
using hard power, America is going to win it in the short term." 2012


A Sine qua non of President Barack Obama's pivot to Asia is US/NATO
Power Projection over the Indian Ocean. 19-AUG-2013


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20-OCT-2014 Ebola Severity Lies in Speed of Infections [the escape velocity [vitesse de liberation]]

Ethiopian Airlines says Ebola costs $8 mln/month in lost revenue


"For us, the Ebola effect is stronger than any slowdown in the global
economy," Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Africa's largest carrier, told
Reuters on the sidelines of the CAPA World Aviation Summit.

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Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe has claimed she will be killed "Gaddafi style" by her political rival and nemesis, vice president Joice Mujuru, when her husband, President Robert Mugabe dies.

"She [Joice] has been telling people that once Mugabe dies, she will
draw me close to her, and my secretaries told me that she will drag me
in the streets, with people laughing while my flesh sticks on the
tarmac," Mrs Mugabe told scores of women cross-border traders this
week at her headquarters 15 miles west of Harare.


As I said previously President Grace Mugabe is not tenable. It would
be "Ouagadougou-ed"

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10-NOV-2014 Ouagadougou's Signal to Sub-Saharan Africa

During the Arab Spring [now in the bleak mid-Winter], nearly all
commentators spoke of how this North African wildfire could not leap
the Sahara and head to sub-Saharan Africa. The reasons were that the
State [incumbents] had a monopoly on the tools of violence and would
bring overwhelming force and violence to bear. We need to ask
ourselves; how many people can incumbent shoot stone cold dead in such
a situation - 100, 1,000, 10,000? This is another point: there is a
threshold beyond which the incumbent can't go. Where that threshold
lies will be discovered in the throes of the event.

Therefore, the preeminent point to note is that protests in Burkina
Faso achieved escape velocity. Overthrowing incumbents is all about
acceleration and speed.

Out of a population of 17 million people in Burkina Faso, over 60 per
cent are aged between 17 and 24 years, according to the World Bank,
and this is another point to note. The country's youth flexed their
muscles. What's clear is that a very young, very informed and very
connected African youth demographic [many characterise this as a
'demographic dividend'] - which for Beautiful Blaise turned into a
demographic terminator - is set to alter the existing equilibrium
between the rulers and the subjects, and a re-balancing has begun.

South Africa All Share Bloomberg +6.52% 2014 [Below 50,000 for 1st
time since 6th November]


49,272.05 -878.43 -1.75%

A record 1,020 rhinos have been killed by poachers for their horns in
South Africa this year, more than all of 2013 and triple the number
four years ago.


Kruger National Park, a reserve the size of Israel, has seen 672
rhinos killed since Jan. 1. A total of 1,004 were slaughtered
throughout the country in 2013, the Department of Environmental
Affairs said today in a statement. The horns are more valuable than
gold by weight. Prices for a kilogram of rhino horn range from $65,000
to as much as $95,000 in Asia.

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Dollar versus Rand 6 Month Chart INO 10.9677

Egypt Pound versus The Dollar 3 Month Chart INO 7.1520


Egypt EGX30 Bloomberg +36.508% 2014


9,258.18 +37.99 +0.41%

Nigeria All Share Bloomberg -19.1173% 2014 [just 203 points above a 19
month Low reached 7th of this month]


33,428.76 -717.03 -2.10%

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Nigerian security forces fired teargas Thursday inside the parliament complex as opposition lawmakers, including the speaker of the lower house, arrived for a key vote on emergency rule in the northeast.

The leader of the Senate, David Mark, later ordered the immediate
closure of both chambers until next week over the incident.

Multiple reports, including from eye witnesses, indicated that
security agents tried to block House of Representatives Speaker Aminu
Tambuwal, who defected to the opposition last month, from entering the

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has tried to remove Tambuwal
from the speaker's chair since his defection and stripped him of his
security detail.

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The currency fell 1.9 percent to 177.17 per dollar by 10:16 a.m. in Lagos, the capital, a fourth day of declines.

The naira has weakened 7.4 percent this quarter, the third worst out
of 24 African currencies monitored by Bloomberg.

Crude oil, exports of which account for 70 percent of Nigeria's
income, traded below $75 a barrel for West Texas Intermediate as U.S.
inventories increased and investors weighed the likelihood of the
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries reducing its production.
The Central Bank of Nigeria may lift borrowing costs next week to
support the naira, according to ETM Analytics.

"Expectations are rising that the bank will throw in the towel and
hike policy rates given the seeming futility of trying to keep the
naira from depreciating," Gareth Brickman, a Johannesburg-based Africa
analyst at ETM, said in a note to clients.

The central bank will give its rate decision on Nov. 25. Policy makers
left the benchmark rate unchanged at 12 percent on Sept. 19 even as
consumer prices accelerated for a sixth month in August.

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Norman Lamont

Black Wednesday refers to 16 September 1992 when the British
Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from
the European Exchange Rate Mechanism


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Ghana Stock Exchange Composite Index Bloomberg +6.2004% 2014 [@Lagarde and @IMFNews to the rescue]

2,278.91 +6.82 +0.30%

MOZAMBIQUE Kingpin kidnap chaos Africa Confidential


President Filipe Nyusi surely hoped that such a problem would not come
up so early in his new job. On 18 November, one of the most notorious
and wealthiest donors to the governing Frente de Libertação de
Moçambique (Frelimo), Mohammed Bashir Suleiman, was kidnapped. He is
the highest-profile victim yet of the wave of kidnappings that has
swept the country. After armed men snatched him from his own shopping
mall, his family issued a statement confirming the abduction and
appealing to the government to do its best to secure his release.
Witnesses report that he was held up at gunpoint at the mosque in the
shopping centre and taken away in a Toyota car with no number plate.
Police, who have mobilised officers throughout the city, say four men
carried out the abduction. We hear that the secret services were also
activated to help out.


This has been an Epidemic in Mozambique, in fact.

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Coast Problems are deeper than Riots #Mombasa
Kenyan Economy

Then, last week, on the 27th of August, Aboud Rogo Mohammed was shot
on the always busy Bamburi Road, not far from Pirates. This proved the
spark that ignited a tinderbox and I watched events unfold with
trepidation. We now exist in a 24/7 always on world and for a moment
it looked like Mombasa was morphing into Waziristan and tsunami of
travel advisories would be winging their way through the air.


I wrote that in September 2012 and it has not gotten any better.

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Kenya's Mombasa port expects to handle 14 pct more cargo in 2014
Kenyan Economy

Gichiri Ndua, the port's managing director, said in a statement that
they expected a cargo throughput of 25.5 million tonnes this year, up
from 22.31 million handled in 2013.

Between January and October this year, cargo volumes at the port rose
8.3 percent to 15.8 million tonnes compared with the same period in
2013, Ndua said.

Sunset Mombasa


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Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA @Twitter
Kenyan Economy

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  21m 21 minutes ago
#BREAKING: the leader of 10 #Alshabaab Suicide Brigade in #Nairobi is
Swedish national Mansour Sabry going by the name Ralph. #KenyaAlert

 Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  27m 27 minutes ago
#BREAKING: the main base of #Alshabaab in #Nairobi is in #Westlands:
Sources. More to follow

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  2h 2 hours ago
BREAKING: hotels, institutions, clubs, embbassies & resteraunts in
#Gigiri are the no1 target for #Alshabab suicide brigade. more to

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  3h 3 hours ago
BREAKING: militants inside #Nairobi has a plan to target financial
institutions like Banks: Sources. more to follow.

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  4h 4 hours ago
in other #NEWS 2 people dead at Masjid Swafaa after police opened fire
at youth who broke into the mosque for evening prayers.

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  14h 14 hours ago
BREAKING: Sources identify the 2 #Kenyan would-be suicide bombers as
lucas Njoki & Sadik Abdi, more details coming up shortly.

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  14h 14 hours ago
BREAKING: 10 suicide bombers in #Nairobi: 3 from #UK, 1 from #Denmark
& the other from #Sweden- 2 Kenyans + 2 #Somalis, More to follow.
0 replies 75 retweets 5 favorites
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Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  14h 14 hours ago
BREAKING: 6 Foreigners, 2 #Kenyans & 2 #Somalis are part of 10-man
suicide squad planning attacks in #Nairobi
0 replies 60 retweets 9 favorites

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  15h 15 hours ago
#BREAKING: identities of active #Alshabaab suicide brigade in #Nairobi
obtained by insider & sources, Details... http://fb.me/76PmbAR1U
0 replies 15 retweets 6 favorites

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  15h 15 hours ago
BREAKING: Sources tell me #Alshabaab plans to carry out deadly attack
in the #US or the #UK embassies in #Nairobi, More details to come.
0 replies 35 retweets 4 favorites

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  15h 15 hours ago
BREAKING: unconfirmed number of militants are on standby to carry out
mass shooting, attack police stations in #Mombasa: Sources
0 replies 24 retweets 3 favorites

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  16h 16 hours ago
BREAKING: upto 10 militants using 3 cars including 2 landcruisers r
planning to attack western embassies & #Gigiri buildings: Sources
0 replies 77 retweets 7 favorites
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Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  16h 16 hours ago
#BREAKING: Militants divided into 2 groups, 5 suicide bombers & 5
shooters, areas around #Gigiri are the targets: Sources more to
0 replies 61 retweets 5 favorites

Abdulaziz Mohammed @AbdulazizHOA  ·  17h 17 hours ago
BREAKING: 10 heavily armed militants are planning to carry out deadly
attacks around #Gigiri, #Nairobi: Sources. More to follow

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Kenya Shilling versus The Dollar Live ForexPros 90.051
Kenyan Economy

Nairobi All Share Bloomberg +18.6022% 2014


162.07 -0.56 -0.34%

Nairobi ^NSE20 Bloomberg +4.455% 2014


5,145.28 +28.20 +0.55%

Every Listed Share can be interrogated here


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Safaricom traded 110.578m shares yesterday
Kenyan Economy

Par Value:                  0.05/-
Closing Price:           13.65
Total Shares Issued:          40044601000.00
Market Capitalization:        546,608,803,650
EPS:             0.57
PE:                 23.947

First Half Earnings for the Period ended 30 September 2013

First Half Earnings through Sep 30 2014 versus through Sep 30 2013

H1 Revenue 79.335723b versus 69.201287b +14.6%
H1 Direct Costs [28.917853b] versus [24.792624b] +16.6%
H1 Other Expenses [17.442953b] versus [15.555332b] +12.1%
EBITDA 33.527407b versus 28.860007b +16.2%
H1 Profit Before Taxation 21.106521b versus 15.908812b +32.7%
H1 Profit After Tax 14.711449b versus 11.260242b +30.6%
H1 EPS 0.37 versus 0.28 +32.1%
H1 Cash at end of reporting Period 30.489995b versus 19.808642b

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@SafaricomLtd @alykhansatchu is here, ready for the #SafaricomHYResults.
Kenyan Economy


These Results beat the Street by a wide margin. The Outlier is Mobile
Data and 3.1m Smartphones on the Network is to set to accelerate that
further. M-Pesa might see some margin compression H2 but these were
muscular results.

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Interest income, property sale buoy StanChart Kenya's Q3 profit
Kenyan Economy

Rising net interest income and the one-off gain from the sale of a
property buoyed Standard Chartered Kenya's nine months pretax profit
by 14 percent.

The bank, which is part of Standard Chartered Plc, said in a statement
on Thursday that pretax profit rose to 11.2 billion shillings ($124.38
million) during the period to the end of September. Total income grew
12 percent to 19.8 billion shillings, the lender said.

Standard Chartered share price data here


Par Value:                  5/-
Closing Price:           331.00
Total Shares Issued:          309159514.00
Market Capitalization:        102,331,799,134
EPS:             29.42
PE:                 11.251

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ARM steps up expansion plans across East Africa @ARMCement1
Kenyan Economy

Chief executive of the NSE-listed company Pradeep Paunrana says the
cement maker will from next year complete and initiate new projects in
a multibillion-shilling investment programme.

ARM will in 2015 complete one more grinding plant in Tanga with a
capacity of 2,500 tonnes per day, adding to the new plant in the same
locality that was recently commissioned with a capacity to produce
3,200 tonnes of clinker and 4,000 tonnes of cement per day.

"This will be followed by the expansion of our Kigali, Rwanda cement
grinding plant to a capacity of 200,000 tons per day," Mr Paunrana
said in a statement.

"Our next major growth will be in Kenya, a growing market that is
still heavily reliant on imported clinker." He added that ARM is set
to build a 2.5 million tonnes per year integrated clinker and cement
plant in Kitui County in the short term.

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LeapFrog Investments, a private equity firm backed by George Soros and JP Morgan, has bought a majority stake in Kenyan insurer Resolution in a deal valued at 1.68 billion shillings ($18.64 million), both firms said on Thursday.
Kenyan Economy

Resolution is a general insurer with operations in Kenya, East
Africa's biggest economy, and in neighbouring Tanzania as well as a
partnership in the Ugandan market.

Leapfrog, which focuses on Africa and Asia, sold its stake in Kenyan
insurance group Apollo to Swiss Re last month.

There has been a flurry of deals in the Kenyan insurance industry in
recent months as firms race to get a bigger share of a sector of the
market posting double-digit annual growth rates.

Insurance executives say the life insurance market is expanding at 20
percent per year.

The deal follows the acquisition earlier this year of Real Insurance
by local insurance and asset management firm British-American
Investments. The sector's potential has also attracted the likes of
British firm Prudential Plc.

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N.S.E Today

The Nairobi All Share ticked down a marginal 0.01 of a point to close at 162.06.
The Nairobi NSE20 pushed 21.17 points higher to close at 5166.45.
Equity Turnover clocked 714.337m.
Eaagads which reported 1st Half Earnings surged 29.26% to close at 53.00.
The Market bounced some very oversold shares higher.
Kenya Airways rallied +7.10%, Mumias Sugar is now +42.85% since the
12th of November.

N.S.E Equities - Agricultural

Eaagads reported First Half Earnings before the Opening Bell and
reported a First Half Profit after Tax of 11.998m versus a Loss
previously of [58.220m] in 2013. Coffee Prices have soared in 2014 and
Eaagads has ridden that Price Rebound. Eaagads said in the Commentary
that accompanies the results;

''The Directors are of the view that the prevailing coffee price trend
will be maintained in the next half of the financial year, during
which time we shall offer the bulk of our Coffee for sale..we
anticipate to post better Full Year Results''

Eaagads is the only Coffee Pure Play at the Securities Exchange.
Eaagads surged +29.26% to close at 53.00 and traded shares as high as
100.00 +143.9% during the session. Coffee Prices are in a sweet spot
but more than that Eaagads carries a Market Cap of $18.222m which is
surely a fraction of the Value of the Coffee Estate. Eaagads is
adjacent to where Tatu City was intended to be. Eaagads is +114.73%
this year.

Eaagads First Half Earnings and share price data here +114.73% 2014


Limuru Tea eased 3.636% off a record high to close at 1060.00 and
traded 200 shares. Limuru Tea is +112% and the Real estate value [Net
Asset Value] is a multiple of the Market Cap of $14.133m. The +112.00%
move higher in 2014 is not informed by the state of Tea Prices, self

Limuru Tea share price data +112% in 2014


N.S.E Equities - Commercial & Services

Safaricom followed yesterdays banner trading session where the share
traded 110.578m shares, trading 12.535m shares and shaving off 0.37%
to close at 13.60. Safaricom set a record Closing High of 13.75 this
week and sits jus 1.0909% beneath that record. The First Half Earnings
Release beat the Street by a very wide margin and I expect shallow
corrections ahead of a move to 15.00, in due course. Safaricom has
posted a +29.677% Total Return in 2014.

Kenya Airways rallied 7.10% to close at 8.30 and traded 37,700 shares.
There were Buyers for 20x the volume traded at the Finish Line and
Kenya Airways was trading at 8.50 +9.68% at the closing Bell. Kenya
Airways had retreated 17.55% since the release of its 1st Half
Earnings through this morning. Interestingly, all the Selling was
Retail and in small lots. Not a Single Institution has been on the
sell side which is a good signal.

N.S.E Equities - Finance & Investment

Kenya Commercial Bank had 4.5 Buyers for every Seller at the Closing
Bell and evidently The CEO Joshua Oigara's investor roadshow in a snow
swept NYC has been paying dividends as evidenced in todays Demand side
structure. KCB rallied 1.79% to close at 57.00 and traded 1.484m
shares worth 84.616m. Kenya Commercial Bank is +24.86% on a Total
Return Basis this year and just 3.38% below a record high set in
September. I expect Fresh All Time Highs before Year End.
Standard Chartered firmed 0.9063% to close at 334.00 and traded 3,300
shares. Buyers outpaced Sellers by a Factor of more than 20 versus 1.
Standard Chartered released Q3 2014 Earnings where Q3 Pre Tax Profit
increased by 14.00%. Standard Chartered is a strong Franchise and the
share price has headroom.
Equity Bank traded 2nd at the Securities Exchange and ticked 1.03%
easier to close at 48.00 and traded 2.769m shares worth 132.982m.
Equity Bank has served up a Total Return of 60.975% in 2014 but has
corrected 18.644% off a record high set in September.

N.S.E Equities - Industrial & Allied

Mumias Sugar rallied 5.26% to close at 2.00 and traded 4.058m shares.
Mumias Sugar was at session highs of 2.05 +7.89% for most of the
session. Mumias Sugar after a dramatic sell-off to all time Lows has
now rebounded 42.85% since the 12th of November.

EABL ticked 0.34% higher to close at 295.00 and was trading at 296.00
+0.68% at the Finale. EABL traded 293,100 shares. EABL has rallied
+10.07% since the beginning of October and outpaced the market by a
margin. After a Period of circumspection and reflection below 300.00 I
expect a move through that Level.

East African Portland Cement rallied by the daily maximum of 9.84% to
close at 67.00 and traded 1,400 shares. EAPC is -2.89% Year To date.

KenGen firmed 3.18% to close at 11.30 and traded 671,800 shares.
KenGen is +11.88% this week as Buyers stepped in to extinguish the
Supply overhang.

by Aly Khan Satchu (www.rich.co.ke)
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